Phase Conversions

Phase Conversions
Electrical Upgrade Fort Collins CO
Phase Conversions

Electrical Upgrades To Your Home In Fort Collins, CO

Over time, electrical power requirements in any home can change dramatically. There is an increasing reliance on electrical power for a number of devices and systems that were not used even a decade ago.

Daniels Electric offers homeowners throughout the area a way to increase their electrical safety for their home by completing electrical upgrades. In some cases, this is replacing old knob and tube wiring with modern, grounded, and safe wiring. In other homes, it may be converting the electrical system from single-phase power to three-phase power.

Electrical Power Conversion

Older homes typically have single-phase power, which means that the power can peak and dip, resulting in flickering lights, wear and tear on electrical devices, and problems in operating sensitive electronics. Completing a single-phase to three-phase power conversion in the home ensures that power is supplied throughout the house at a constant level and rate, eliminating the peaks and dips in voltage that create problems. We have several ways to complete this conversion, and homeowners will see results immediately. Our electrical rewiring and electrical installation are done to the highest standards. As a local electrical service provider, we ensure every job we do meets and exceeds all codes and practices for electrical safety. Rewiring a home helps to increase your peace of mind, prevent breakers from constantly tripping, and ensure you have the outlets and switches you need in each room of the home.

To find out more about electrical upgrades for your Fort Collins, CO, home, contact the experts at Daniels Electric at (970) 690-4238.

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