Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Fort Collins, CO

EV Charging Station Installation Fort Collins CO
EV Charging Installation Fort Collins CO

Hire Professionals To Complete Your EV Charging Installation

Electric vehicles are increasingly popular for drivers throughout Fort Collins, CO, Northern Colorado, Cheyenne, WY and the surrounding areas. Adding an EV charger to your home is a simple way to continue to charge your vehicle whenever you need and reduce the need to rely on public chargers. Plus, with the at home charging you can plug in overnight to provide yourself with more miles of range per hour of charging for your next trip.

Electric car chargers are a great investment because you have the convenience to charge overnight which is the most optimal time to charge because electricity costs less at night. This can add up to substantial savings throughout the year.

The Importance of Professional EV Charging Station Installation

Daniels Electric provides licensed EV charging installation for homes and businesses throughout the area. It is critical to hire a professional to complete your EV charging installation to avoid the possibility of voiding the warranty on the EV charging point, and also ensure that your car is getting the proficient amount of power to charge.

Connecting your vehicle to an EV charging station that is not installed by a licensed electrician may also void the warranty for your vehicle, which can be costly. It is also essential as incorrectly wiring or installing the charger can create a potential safety hazard.

In addition, and this is important for anyone to consider, installing electrical wiring in your home on your own may impact your insurance coverage. If there is a fire or electrical shock hazard, your insurance can deny the claim, leaving you to pay for any damage.

We Are EV Charging Installation Specialists

The qualified electricians at Daniels Electric are fully trained in the latest methods of approved electric vehicle charger installation. We take a comprehensive look at the power requirements of your vehicle as well as your home’s electrical panel to ensure that you have enough power to get the job done efficiently. If your smart charging station requires an electrical upgrade or panel upgrade, we will let you know before we begin. We ensure the process is completed correctly to meet all safety, building, and electrical code requirements in your area.

We make sure the system is fully functional when we finish the work, giving you peace of mind that your electric car charging station is ready to use. Our electricians will answer questions and verify that all protocols for safe and correct installation have been used throughout the process.

If you need electric vehicle charger installation at your home or business, reach out to Daniels Electric to schedule an appointment.

EV Charging Installation Specialists Fort Collins CO
Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

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