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Lighting inside or outside of your Northern Colorado, Cheyenne, WY, or Wellington area home or business adds to the visibility, ambiance, and safety of your property. Lighting can be upgraded at any time, and Daniels Electric works with home and business owners to install new lighting, add additional accent lighting, upgrade existing lighting, or to change lighting options to add visibility or decrease energy costs.

New lighting technology and options are available to provide better light quality while also offering substantial energy savings. We can assist you in choosing the type, style, and design of lighting that is right for your space and provides the features you need. We can install outdoor spotlights to help your yard feel safer at night or install all types of lighting, such as recessed lighting for example, in small or large rooms and spaces indoors. We work around your schedule to ensure minimal or no disruption to your home or business.

Lighting Installation for New Construction

New construction electrical lighting services for homes and businesses throughout Fort Collins, CO, is our specialty at Daniels Electrical. We provide end-to-end services, including interior and exterior lighting that provides visibility and curb appeal for your property.

For both indoors and outdoor lights, we offer the installation of traditional types of light fixtures and newer options, including LED, halogen, fluorescent, metal halide, and all other types of residential and commercial lighting systems.

Quality and Professional Lighting Installation

Our licensed electricians are experienced professionals who will work with you to determine the most efficient lighting layout for your commercial and residential space. We provide expert advice to help you determine the right type of lighting for the specific location in your home or office, as well as what will be the most energy efficient to help you save money on utility bills. 

Excellent service and safe installation is our goal. When you need commercial or residential lighting services, including recessed lighting installation for small or large rooms and spaces, contact the skilled electricians at Daniels Electric.

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