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The Importance Of An Electric Service Panel Upgrade

In both homes and commercial buildings, the electric panel is the main service panel to distribute power from the main line into the home or business to the electrical devices, switches, and outlets. In older homes or businesses in and near Fort Collins, CO, an electrical panel upgrade may be needed to ensure uninterrupted power.

An older electrical panel can start to create electrical problems. Signs of problems with your electrical service panel include:

  • Breakers tripping
  • Lights and powered appliances flickering or stopping and starting
  • Electric shock when making contact with switches or outlets
  • The need to frequently replace office equipment, appliances, and electric devices

These signs can also be a result of other problems, including wiring, so our residential or commercial electrician will start by providing electrical troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem.

Electrical Panel Replacement

Replacing an existing electrical panel with a professional electrical company can correct these problems and eliminate the safety risk of an older electrical panel. Our commercial or residential electrician can complete a new electric panel installation during the construction phase of the home or business, or we can replace an existing panel.

Daniels Electric understands that for both homeowners and businesses, having power is a critical factor. We work with our customers in the Fort Collins, CO, area to complete your electric panel replacement, installation, or electrical service upgrade to minimize any disruptions for your family and reduce or avoid any downtime for your business.

To schedule an electrical upgrade or panel assessment appointment with one of our residential or commercial electricians, reach out to us today.

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