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Backup Generator Fort Collins CO
Backup Generator

The Benefits Of A Backup Generator

Living in Northern Colorado, such as in the Fort Collins, CO, area, means dealing with storms throughout the year. These storms can often lead to power outages or even take down power lines, leaving your home in the dark. Adding a backup generator makes it easy to keep the lights on, the furnace or air conditioner running, and allows you to enjoy a comfortable living space without electrical power from the grid. Especially in cases of extended outages, having a backup power source is a huge safety precaution to take when dealing with the other effects that come from loss of power supply for extended periods, such as freezing pipes if you lose power in the winter.

Having a whole home generator means you do not have to limit how you use electrical power during an outage. There is no need to move a portable generator, deal with starting the system, or try to determine what appliances and devices can be used during the blackout.

Backup Generator Installation

The team at Daniels Electric is here to provide peace of mind during a time of power failure with expert installation for your home’s backup generator. Our installation team works with all makes and models, as well as any size generators and assists homeowners in choosing the right backup generator based on their home and power requirements.
Installing a whole house backup power generator provides immediate power when the main line is down. The backup generator is automatically switched on and begins providing power to the entire house, eliminating the need for the homeowner to do anything but sit back and relax when faced with power loss.

As your whole house generator installers, we install the unit, test it to make sure it is fully functional, and take the time to answer your questions. Our licensed electrician completes the installation to meet all code requirements and to provide a reliable, dependable, and highly effective way to always enjoy the benefits of electric power in your residence.

When you’re faced with an electrical outage, work with a local electric company that you can trust. When you need the best whole-house backup generator installers near me in Fort Collins, CO, contact the friendly experts at Daniels Electric at (970) 690-4238.

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