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Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Services In the Northern Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming Area

Commercial electrical services are essential to keep your business operating throughout the year in the Northern Colorado, Cheyenne, WY, Wellington and Fort Collins, CO, area. Daniels Electric offers commercial wiring and electrical work that is completed by professional, licensed, and experienced electricians.

We understand that your business cannot operate properly when there is an electrical problem. Our goal is to have one of our experienced electrical contractors quickly evaluate the situation and make the necessary electrical system repairs, replacements, or installations to ensure your business and running as quickly as possible.

Our Commercial Electrical Service

Our commercial licensed electricians are able to handle a full range of services for your business or electrical project. Our commercial and industrial electrical services include repairs and troubleshooting of electrical services, assistance with electrical service upgrades, electrical engineering services, and customizing services for new construction. We can also wire for machinery and equipment and provide generator backup power sources to ensure your business can operate even in a power outage.

A licensed commercial electrician from Daniels Electric will arrive at your business at the appointed time. We strive to limit any downtime for your commercial enterprise, and we always work quickly, efficiently, and with attention to detail from start to finish. Our commercial wiring and other services are always completed to exacting standards and all applicable building codes. From full electrical system upgrades to large electrical rewiring projects for remodels or new construction, to generator installation and backup power source installation, we have you covered.

If you are in need of commercial electric services and are looking for a commercial electrician near me, call on the team at Daniels Electric at (970) 690-4238.

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